How long does it take for Effexor to leave your system when you stop taking it and does it cause withdrawal?

Question from John H.:

How long does it take for Effexor to leave your system when you stop taking it and do you have withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking it?

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Question from Ethan D.:

i've taking PAXIL this year for about 2 weeks and it was the worst 2 weeks of my life!i currently started taking ELAVIL last night after 4 months of not taking doctor prescribed it to me for chronic pain and insomnia.they have run test from 5 x-rays to 3 blood tests and found nothing everything normal, nothing is wrong with me only that i have depression and that's whats might me causing constant pain.he gave me ELAVIL which i did research on it already.but i wanna buy st. johns worth because its a herbal remedy and popular for treating depression, idk about the chronic pain.i just dint wanna experience horrible side effects from ELAVIL later on and regret taking it.i know everyone who takes antidepressants go through that nightmare and then it goes away but what about when you withdraw from it!it Will be a little tough.why do doctors prescribe this stuff.

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Can you gain weight with invega and depakote?

Can you gain weight with invega and depakote?

Question from Morgan T.:

I gained weight like crazy with invega and depakote.
Invega is an antipsychotic medication approved for the
treatment of schizophrenia and depakote is a anticonvulsant.
I actually gained 120 pounds.
I used to be 140 and then I got to 260, now I am 240 pounds.
I lost 20 pounds taking aquatic aerobics and dieting on salads,
vegetables and chicken while still on the pills.
But now I'm on no diet and I just stayed on 240 pounds.

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LEVOTHYROXINE 4 dogs what are the bad things that could happen to them after taking it 4 life?

Question from Briana Cuneo: LEVOTHYROXINE 4 dogs what are the bad things that could happen to them after taking it 4 life?

Brandon Bruno wrote:

Can it shorten their life?

Alberta Biton wrote:

Nothing, I take it for thyroid condition.,
It is a synthetic hormone which replaces what is naturally produced by thyroids,. I want to buy synthroid on site I take it your dog has hypothyroid.

Bethany Fuchs wrote:

Nothing bad will happen.It is essential for your dog to take it to stay healthy.It will do nothing to shorten it's lifespan.I had a100 lb. dog who took it all her life,and she lived to be almost 14,which is quite old for a very large dog. I know many dogs and humans who take it,and they are all fine.It's a very safe drug,honest!

Belinda Borkowski wrote:

I take it myself because I had cancer & have no thyroid so not taking it is not an option for me. There is nothing but benefits for your dog for taking it and nothing but bad consequences from not taking it. Make sure that the vet has the dosage correct, you don't want it to be too much but too little is not good either. Ocassional blood tests must be done to make sure that the dosage is in the therapeutic range otherwise your dog will be hyperthyroid or hypothyroid.

Aldous Bernard wrote:

I've never had any complaints about side effects or shortened life span. however as mentioned before not taking it can cause obesity since he isnt producing the thyroid hormone needed for weight management and obesity can lead to a shorter life span.

Bertina Faure wrote:

It will not shorten their life but not taking it will and they will get fat and miserable.,
This med is to replace thyroid hormone that they are not producing. Any hormonal imbalance makes quality of life difficult to acheive.,
Keep them on the med. It does not cost much in comparison to what would happen if they did not take it.

Bertina Greco wrote:

Look into Armour Thyroid. I take it instead of the synthetic stuff. It's NATURAL and most people tolerate it much better & have more improved ersults on it. NO IDEA if it's safe for dogs or not. Also, do some research on other supplements they can take,. Good luck.

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Explaining Some Unexpected Banking Interview Questions

Explaining Some Unexpected Banking Interview Questions

All banking interview questions start with some common questions such as interviewee’s personal details, his technical and professional qualification, family background and area of interest. In the second step of interview questions, interviewer wants to know more about the job seeker like his professional work experience, ability of doing work, ideology to solve queries and nature. To answer to these questions of the first set of interview is quite simple for the candidate instead of second interview. On the other side, second step of interview questions are also simple to answer. You have to think much before answering to the questions.

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What is the forex currency marketplace ?

Market commutation surgical processes worldwide is known as the outside currency mart Forex. Currency forex market is one of the largest and most popular financial markets . Everyday the need to commute one currency for another biassed exports and imports of goods and investment activities worldwide.

That is, these operations led to the establishment of a ecumenical net for exchange surgeries in the up to dateness market for a large number of bargainers all over the world. Currency forex marketplace is the OTC market segment , it has no exceptional place for trading.

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Vans slip ons are engaging and invoke everyone

Vans Shoes concentrates its large offering of hobby and calm footwear for males and females. During the contest shoe classification, you’ll also see several approaches in “fall situation” together with qualities manufactured distinctively for skate boarders. From prevailing slip-ons to resolute high-tops, push Vans Shoes has them and others of everything in between.

Picks! Answers! Conclusions!

For people, Vans Clogs uses a HUGE selection of styles and colors. Vehicles “Popular Slip-on” design comes in calm ballot during the ever-popular Checkerboard prototype etcetera dazzling what is the blends as in Black/Pewter, Blue/Black, Grape/Black, White/Gray, Black/Pink, Demitasse/Black, and likewise Black/White, stable Dark, and stable Sallow. For any more unusual look, there is always the Floral publish on White, including a tri-colour sample of Blue/Yellow/Red.

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What Is Preseptal Cellulitis?

Preseptal Cellulitis, also called periorbital cellulitis, is a bacterial infection of the eyelid and other soft tissues surrounding the eye. It usually is caused when an upper respiratory tract infection spreads to the eye area, but may also result from external ocular infection or soon after trauma to the area. This infection is most common in young children. Medscape reports that about 80 percent of patients with preseptal cellulitis are under 10 years of age, with most of those under five years of age. This is a common infection that is usually mild. Despite their rarity, though, complications can be serious. If the infection isn’t given appropriate treatment, it may spread behind the eyeball and result in a life-threatening condition called “orbital cellulitis,” which requires immediate hospitalization and the intravenous administration of antibiotics.

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Body Cleansing During Pregnancy

Body Cleansing During Pregnancy

While it is important to take care of your body during pregnancy, be sure that you are body cleansing in a way that won’t hurt the baby by avoiding the unknowns.

Fun Fact

Drinking water is the most effective way to cleanse your body during pregnancy. Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day.


Avoid any herbal or detox remedy while pregnant. Not only are these remedies not scientifically proven to work, they can have unknown effects on the baby.


Cutting out caffeine, alcohol and nicotine are immediate ways to rid your body of toxins. In addition, not consuming these substances is better for the baby.

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How to Remove Desitin Stains

How to Remove Desitin Stains

If your little one has ever had problems with diaper rash, you may have used a product like Desitin ointment. Desitin is a diaper rash cream that contains zinc oxide as its active ingredient. Although Desitin is effective for healing chafed skin, its oily consistency can leave stains on clothing. However, you don’t have to get rid of clothes that become stained with Desitin. You can remove the stain if you use the right cleaning techniques.

Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need

Baking soda
Prewash stain remover
Laundry detergent


Sprinkle baking soda onto the Desitin stain, and let it sit for five minutes.

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